Yet another blog!

I have a number of blogs already.
Ruth’s Coastal Walk: A blog about my coastal walk.
Ruthless Scribblings: A writing blog.
Ruthless Readings: A reading blog.
Dr Stone’s Repository: A blog where I write about memory and communication skills.

Why start another one?
Because every blog should have a theme and a topic, so that the reader knows exactly what they are getting.

It’s like marketing a book. Put a blood-stained dagger on the cover, and the reader expects crime fiction or a horror story. Put a smiling cook holding a cake on the front, and people expect a book about baking. Imagine a book which contains the text of a thriller, interspersed with recipes for buns. It doesn’t work.

So, each topic has its own blog. And that seems like a sensible idea to me. But, if you believe differently, I would be interested in your thoughts.


Your comments are welcome...

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