Ways of walking: do you pootle?

To pootle is:

  1. According to the Oxford Dictionaries, “to move or travel in a leisurely manner”.
  2. Or, according to the Cambridge Dictionaries “to move somewhere slowly and with no real purpose”.

Sometimes, in my quest for distance or greater speed, it is easy to forget why I started walking in the first place. It was to have fun.

Pootling is what we all need to do from time to time. We can do it as we walk through town, around interesting shops or on detours down enticing alleyways. We can pootle in the park, along the river, through the fields, or pootle among the old stones in a quiet graveyard. Pootle along to a railway station or the bus stop. Or pootle down to the market and nose around the bargain stalls.

I need to pootle more.


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