Ways of walking: Stravaiging

Stravaiging is a verb and it means wandering aimlessly.
A stravaiger, of course, is a person who goes stravaiging.

(Although sometimes stravaiging seems to be used in connection with looking for work, which is not quite the same as wandering aimlessly, but never mind.)

Where does the word come from? It might be an alteration of the word extravagate, which means to roam freely and has an added connotation of going beyond normal limits, and/or exceeding the normal rules of propriety. But the underlying origin of stravaiging must be the Latin verb for ‘to wander’: vagari . From that same Latin word we have the related word: vagrant, meaning either a wandering tramp (noun) or, more rarely, vagrant can be used as an adjective describing something that wanders.

Are these obsolete words?
Yes, perhaps. But still used by some, particularly in the north of the British Isles, for example:


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