rucksack on again

Training Log: 12 mile walk, last long one before Stroud 5 Valleys

Yesterday was my last chance for a medium distance hike before the long 21-mile 5 Valley challenge next weekend.

According to my training schedule, this needed to be a decent length walk, but not too long. You are supposed to do your longest walk about  2 weeks before the actual challenge walk, and your longest training walk should be about 75% of the challenge distance. The previous weekend I did 18 miles. So I had achieved this.

For my medium distance hike, I chose to visit the Jurassic Way again, as it winds through Northamptonshire. This could be combined with a cycling trip for my husband, with a pub meet-up for lunch and then a pick-up by car at the end of the day. Perfect.

annie looks lostAnd, to make it even better, youngest daughter showed up and we went walking together. I had to lend her shoes and socks, but my kit was obviously good enough and she didn’t get a single blister.

We had a wonderful walk. Starting along quiet roads, then tracks, through woods and fields. Some flat canal tow-path walking and then a steep climb up to the top of Honey Hill. Great views. We met goats, horses, cows and a bull. And a couple of canal boats too.

Amazingly, very few other walkers were out. What do people do all day?

Unfortunately, what with chatting and photo opportunities, my times were very slow. A poor 2.2 mph overall, although some decent sub-20 minute miles, if you just count moving time.

Overall, 5 hours and 37 mins to cover 12.5 miles. (And that is not including the lunch break!)

Not good. Will need to watch my pace if I’m going to complete the Stroud 5 Valleys in under 9 hours.

lunch break, Honey Hill


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