Ruth Livingstone on a walk

Strava MTS

I have a Garmin device and use it to log my routes and mileage covered on my walks.

Keeping tabs on your mileage is a great way to keep yourself motivated. My crazy triathlon daughter encouraged me to use Strava instead of the Garmin Connect site because Strava seems friendlier and easier to navigate, and because she uses it too.

The problem is that Strava is really designed for runners and cyclists, not for walkers. Walking is a recognised activity, but doesn’t show up on your ‘Training Log’, for example. Neither does walking feature on the monthly challenge boards.

So I cheat. I log my walks as ‘runs’ instead. This means I can track my training schedule in a pretty graphic display (see below).
Ruth Livingstone's Strava training log

And for the past few months I’ve been joining in the Strava Monthly Training Series (MTS) for runners. The aim is to clock up as many kilometers as you can in the month, and you accumulate badges as you pass various milestones.

The maximum running MTS badge is 200k and so, of course, that is what I’ve been aiming for.

I completed the challenge in September with ease. But in October I just scraped past the 200K finishing line on the afternoon of the 31st – with only 1 kilometre to spare.

Ruth Livingstone, Strava MTS badges

I’ve signed up again for the November MTS. Hope to finish by a clearer margin this time!


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