Peddars Way, Stage 4: Sedgeford to Hunstanton

Peddars Way

Peddars Way follows the line of ancient tracks and Roman roads, running  from Knettishall Heath through Norfolk until it meets the Norfolk Coast Path at the village of Holme next the Sea. It is 46 miles in length and combines with the Norfolk Coast Path to form a 93 mile long National Trail.

Fourth stage of Peddars Way

The fourth and final stage of the Peddars Way,  starts at Sedgeford and ends at Holme next the Sea, a distance of 5-6 miles.

The official website suggests you extend the walk by turning left along the shore and following the Norfolk Coast Path for a further 2-3 miles until you reach Hunstanton.

My walk from Sedgeford to the bus station in Hunstanton measured just over 9 miles, in total, on my Garmin.

The Route

To regain Peddars Way you must follow the  B1454 eastwards out of Sedgeford. A mile from the centre of the village and you will see  signposts  where the Way crosses the road. Follow the sign pointing along a short road to your left.

The roadway becomes a green lane, and this cuts through agricultural land in the familiar straight line of an old Roman road.

start of Roman Road from Sedgeford, Ruth walking Peddars Way Trail

After a couple of miles, you drop down into the village of Ringstead. This marks the end of the Roman road  and you will notice a distinct change in the ground underfoot, as rich brown soil gives way to limestone.

end of Roman Road, Ringstead, Ruth Livingstone on Peddars Way

Follow quiet roads through Ringstead. On the other side of the village, after climbing a gentle hill, you will be rewarded by your first view of the sea.

Windmill near Ringstead and first view of the sea, Peddars Way, Ruth Livingstone

You pass a converted windmill and, shortly after this, the trail leaves the road. From here you follow footpaths that lead down towards the coast.  After crossing over the A 149 you follow a track to reach the dunes at Holme next the Sea.

coast at Holme next the Sea, the end of Peddars Way, Ruth Livingstone

Stand and admire the sea view and congratulate yourself. You have reached the end of Peddars Way!

Norfolk Songline

 fifth and final Norfolk Songline, Peddars Way, Ruth LivingstoneOn the final stretch of Peddars Way, a little after you leave the road beyond Ringstead, you will come across the fifth and final stone of the Norfolk Songlines.

Onwards to Hunstanton

If you wish, and as suggested, you can extend this section of the walk by continuing for a further 2-3 miles along the shore until you reach Hunstanton.

Turn left and follow the path as it hugs the shore, walking across sand and through dunes.  At Hunstanton the Norfolk Coast Path runs across the top of the cliffs. But, if the tide is low, you may prefer to continue along the beach, where you can better appreciate the unique colours and layers of the limestone cliffs.

Hunstanton cliffs, Norfolk Coast Path, Ruth Livingstone

The official end (or start) of the Norfolk Coast Path is at Hunstanton’s rather unromantic bus terminus. Here you can catch a bus into Kings Lynn where you will find rail and bus connections for onward travel.

The Norfolk Coast Path

If you would like to walk the whole of the Norfolk Coast Path – and complete the National Trail – you simply turn around. Walk back to Holme next the Sea and continue straight onwards in an easterly direction for 47 miles, following the coast path until you reach Cromer.

This would complete the official National Trail, but you still won’t have reached the end of the Norfolk Coast Path because, in December 2014, the path was extended by an additional 16 miles and now reaches as far as Sea Palling.

Overall Impression

The final few miles of Peddars Way are straight forward and follow the familiar pattern of green lanes along an old Roman route, mixed with some road and footpath walking. As usual, the Way is clearly signed.

It is well worth completing the additional section and walking down the coast to Hunstanton. The change in scenery is refreshing and the impressive cliffs make a suitably dramatic end to the walk.

I’ve mapped my route on the Ordnance Survey GetaMap site: click here.

My walk along Peddars Way

Peddars Way, Stage 1: Knettishall to Watton (15 miles)
Peddars Way, Stage 2: Watton to Castle Acre (16 miles)
Peddars Way, Stage 3: Castle Acre to Sedgeford (16 miles)
Peddars Way, Stage 4: Sedgeford to Hunstanton (9 miles)

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Lucy and Stephen’s walking site: Peddars Way in short sections and more about the Norfolk Songlines project.


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