Features of a perfect Bed and Breakfast, for a walker

8 essential things a B&B should supply

I have stayed in many bed and breakfast places, from the deluxe to the really, really basic. I’ve slept in places where you could eat off the floor, and others where I had to wipe dust off a bathroom basin before using it. I’ve enjoyed rooms large enough to hold a party, and suffered in rooms so small that I’ve had to sleep with my rucksack on my bed because there was no room to put it on the floor.

When out on a walking expedition, I don’t look for luxury, but I do look for the basic essentials to make my overnight stay a comfortable one. Walking all day is a tiring activity. You need a good night’s rest.

And, like most people, I have my own eccentric quirks. I always want a glass of water by my bedside, for example, and I need to have a reading book nearby too. And I can’t sleep on a soggy-soft mattress.

So here are my eight essential features of a B&B from a walker’s point of view:

  1. A clean room.
  2. Comfortable bed which should feel nice and firm.
  3. Enough space to put my rucksack and walking boots on the floor.
  4. A bedside table large enough to hold my iPhone, a reading book and a glass of water.
  5. An available socket for recharging my electronic devices.
  6. My own bathroom – although it doesn’t have to be en suite – with toilet paper and soap supplied.
  7. Room near the sink for a glass or tumbler in which to put my toothbrush.
  8. Kettle, mug and at least two teabags.

I could add more… but those are the top priorities. And I don’t think they’re too much to ask. But you would be surprised the number of places which add all sorts of frills and perks, but don’t supply these basics.


2 thoughts on “8 essential things a B&B should supply”

  1. All of those for me…plus real milk, can’t bear the little UHT portion packs. We stayed in a B&B recently and the landlady brought up an insulated flask of milk, there were Yorkshire teabags and plenty of sugar. it makes such a difference. Oh and I like a hairdryer. I look like a scarecrow in the mornings and need to tame it a bit.


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