Goodbye to a favourite pair

This is the most comfortable pair of boots I’ve ever owned. They are, like most of my walking gear, Mountain Warehouse’s own brand, and they cost me less than £60.

coast-and-bootsI always buy my boots in the sales. Perhaps a more expansive pair would last longer? I don’t know. These, however, lasted over 1,000 miles and were faithful friends to my feet.

Where have these boots been?

  • Along the length of the Jurassic Way.
  • Around much of the rugged South West Coast path
  • Up and down the beautiful Wales Coast Path.

Why was it time to part? They’d been leaking for some months. I usually save them for ‘fair weather’ walking and, as I try to avoid walking in the rain, I didn’t really mind the fact they weren’t very waterproof. They finally let me down one last time, just short of Caernarfon in Wales, when I had to wade along flooded paths.

It seemed fitting to take them for one last paddle. In the sea (Well, my feet couldn’t get any wetter!) And then I left them sitting on a rock…


… no, I didn’t really. That would be littering. So I put them in a nearby bin. The can was nearly full and the boots sat on top of plastic bottles and crisp bags, looking mournfully at me while I walked away.

I prefer to think of them sitting on a rock, damp and sandy, waiting for the tide to come in and claim them.

tide coming in.jpg



3 thoughts on “Goodbye to a favourite pair”

      1. Yes, I had a pair that lasted years, and replaced with a more expensive pair that within a year were showing serious signs of wear, and were worn out after about two years, so they weren’t my best friends. But the ones I have now are performing well and we are getting along just fine!


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