Trig Pillars

Happy Birthday!

I didn’t realise our trig pillars turned 80 years old this year. Their construction began in 1936 as part of a comprehensive remapping exercise across the UK. It was a mammoth task, which resulted in 6,500 pillars being installed, often in incredibly remote and inaccessible areas.

Sad to think their use was so short-lived and the humble trig pillar is now superseded by other measurement methods.

Obsolete , our trigs are in danger of falling into disrepair. But they remain an essential part of the walker’s landscape. We love to see them, and they often mark the highpoint (quite literally) of a walking expedition.

Here, then, is one trig I passed on a walk this weekend. It’s a humble little thing, not situated on some stunning peak, but tucked away behind a hedge on the edge of a field in Lincolnshire.

trig-point Fiskerton, Ruth Livingstone

Grid reference : TF 05886 72569
Apparently it’s a flush bracket variety, 3rd order point, number SK98/T41 or TP3181 (and, no, I don’t know what these numbers mean!) This is according to the comprehensive TrigpointingUK website.

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