Skate Park Graffiti

Skate parks are excellent places for spotting graffiti. In Carlisle, the park must have been around for some time, because the graffiti had a distinctly ‘layered’ look. Several years of spray painting have created some intriguing images.

graffiti 3
Good advice in this one

graffiti 2
Plea to the aliens, ‘send nudes’, could result in some interesting pics!
graffiti 1
Letters on top of letters. Not art as we know it. But I like it.
graffiti 4
Another one where the sum of the parts is better than the parts.


graffiti 5
Political comment hidden here? Brexit?
graffiti 6
RIP – a strangely moving tribute.

This last one I found under a bridge, some distance from the skate park. It was dull and slightly spooky, but jazzed up nicely with some photo-editing tweaks.


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