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Brampton Valley Way to Foxton Locks

Is this the perfect winter walk?

On Sunday I followed the upper part of the Brampton Valley Way, walked through Market Harborough, and then along the canal to Foxton Locks.

Grand Union Canal, Market Harborough arm, Ruth Livingstone's winter walks
Grand Union Canal, Market Harborough arm

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Stanwick Lakes to Islip

A winter walk from Stanwick Lakes

My plan today is to follow the cycle track from Stanwick Lakes to Islip. And then to continue my walk along the Nene Way, until I reach the village of Wadenhoe.

I start walking from the car park at the Visitors’ Centre.  It is a crisp and sunny winter morning, a lovely time to be walking beside the lakes.

Stanwick Lakes, Ruth Livingstone on a winter walk
Stanwick Lakes nature reserve

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Poacher Line Railway Walk: Grantham Canal

I was looking for a winter walk I could do this weekend, one that wasn’t too muddy and didn’t involve a long car journey, and I discovered a series of walks based around a local railway line.

The Poacher Line is the name given to the section of mainland railway that runs between Nottingham and Skegness.  Lincolnshire County Council has designed a  set of seven walks linking the railway stations along the route – called The Poacher Line Railway Walks.

You don’t have to be a railway enthusiast, as the walks don’t necessarily follow the railway line. The theory is that you can undertake a linear walk from one station to another, and then catch a train back to your start point. And, as everyone knows, linear walks are much more satisfying than circular walks, because they give you the feeling of being a proper traveller, as opposed to simply going for an aimless amble. Continue reading Poacher Line Railway Walk: Grantham Canal