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Wild flowers in August

 Where councils are enlightened and resist the urge to mow
even the dullest track is brightened
when wild flowers grow.

Found growing beside the cycle-walking way
between Shotton and Neston, on the Wirral Peninsula.


What makes a walk difficult?

Walking is simply the art of putting one foot in front of the other. Anyone can do it. It’s easy, isn’t it?

No. It’s not always easy. Some days it’s easier than others. Some days you float along, your feet beating out a steady rhythm, as the miles glide by without effort. On other days, every step seems to drain your energy and you wonder why on earth you’re doing this. For fun? Pah! Continue reading What makes a walk difficult?

Call yourself a long-distance walker?

ruth livingstone walking downcast, ashamed to be called a long distance walkerUp until now, I regarded walking as something I do when I go on my coastal expeditions. I walk around the coast. That’s what I do. And I rarely walk anywhere else. Indeed, I call all non-coast ramblings wasted walking!

Names are important. The labels you attach to things – and the labels you attach to yourself – really do matter.

Foolishly, I had started to call myself a long-distance walker. And then I took a look at the Long Distance Walkers’ Association web site. Wow. These people walk 25 miles, 50 miles, 100 miles – all in one go! Continue reading Call yourself a long-distance walker?

Yet another blog!

I have a number of blogs already.
Ruth’s Coastal Walk: A blog about my coastal walk.
Ruthless Scribblings: A writing blog.
Ruthless Readings: A reading blog.
Dr Stone’s Repository: A blog where I write about memory and communication skills.

Why start another one?
Because every blog should have a theme and a topic, so that the reader knows exactly what they are getting.

It’s like marketing a book. Put a blood-stained dagger on the cover, and the reader expects crime fiction or a horror story. Put a smiling cook holding a cake on the front, and people expect a book about baking. Imagine a book which contains the text of a thriller, interspersed with recipes for buns. It doesn’t work.

So, each topic has its own blog. And that seems like a sensible idea to me. But, if you believe differently, I would be interested in your thoughts.