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Stroud Five Valleys Walk: completed!

Yesterday I complete the 21 mile Five Valleys’ Walk, organised by the charity Meningitis Now.

I had never walked such a distance before, and chose to do this particular walk because the charity provides plenty of check points, food and drink, and buses back to base if you are too tired to continue.

It’s a circular walk, and you can choose where to start. There is no compulsion to complete 21 miles. Some people joined for sections. There were children, babes in rucksacks, and plenty of dogs. Continue reading Stroud Five Valleys Walk: completed!


Walk training schedule: gearing up for 21 miles.

My usual ‘long’ rambles vary between 8 to 13 miles in length. I find any distance greater than 10 miles fairly taxing. And my usual walking pace is 2 miles an hour. Yes, that includes photography, snack and toilet stops, but it’s pretty slow. Also I am in the habit of stopping after 7 miles or so for a lunch break. Continue reading Walk training schedule: gearing up for 21 miles.

Signing up for the Stroud Five Valleys Walk

The Stroud Five Valleys Walk is an annual charity walk in aid of the Meningitis Trust. Although I don’t normally walk for charity, I decided to enrol in this event.


  1. To stretch myself. It’s 21 miles and I have never walked as far as that before in a single day.
  2. To give myself something walking-related to focus on, as the summer turns to autumn and the walking season draws to a close.
  3. The route is signed and has stops for water, fruit, food, etc. and this will, I hope, enable me to relax and concentrate on the walking.
  4. Registration was cheap and does not rely on raising a minimum amount for the charity.
  5. They even supply a bus at regular intervals along the way, to take you back to your starting point if it all gets too much.

It will be a new experience for me, as I usually walk solo. There will be plenty of other people around for this event, and yet I can still walk ‘alone’ and at my own pace.