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Underpass paintings, Glenluce

This is a collection of wall art found in an underpass on a recent walking trip in southern Scotland. It was clearly designed and executed by primary school children.

What I find fascinating, is how much I can learn about the use of colour, symbols, and graphic design from these simple paintings. It’s the sort of thing an adult would take years struggling to assemble.

Child’s play.


Alley Graffiti

My home town is criss-crossed by narrow walking alleyways. Many of them date from medieval times and would once have been busy streets lined with residential dwellings, shops and inns.

Nowadays, too narrow for traffic, these alleys are only used as shortcuts, and their doorways, windows and shop fronts have been replaced by featureless walls.

Featureless? Yes. Until the advertisers, fly posters and graffiti artists get going…

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