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Words and Remembrances

Maryport pier has a collection of paving slabs which, if read together, make up a wonderful poem. I couldn’t photograph every slab, because some were too weathered or moss-covered, and the light was poor.

Here are some of the words, along with a couple of nearby memorial wreaths.


Odd pub signs: The Pelican in her Piety

I was walking in South Wales recently and came upon this strange pub sign in the village of Ogmore.

Pub signs - Pelican in her Piety - Ruth LivingstoneCouldn’t resist a photograph.

The Pelican in her Piety.

What an odd name. Why call the pub  after this particular bird? And why is she pious? Continue reading Odd pub signs: The Pelican in her Piety


Rubbish littering the countryside

Wastelands and hedges, gardens and parks, let’s cover every green space in cartons and bags, in plastic and paper, in wrappers from snack bars and unwanted packaging.

Dump it, junk it, don’t care. Rubbish, rubbish, everywhere.


Signs on the Jurassic Way

Here are a collection of signs I found on the Jurassic Way, walking from Banbury to Chipping Warden.

Don't even think of parking Continue reading Signs on the Jurassic Way