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Skate Park Graffiti

Skate parks are excellent places for spotting graffiti. In Carlisle, the park must have been around for some time, because the graffiti had a distinctly ‘layered’ look. Several years of spray painting have created some intriguing images.

graffiti 3
Good advice in this one

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Alley Graffiti

My home town is criss-crossed by narrow walking alleyways. Many of them date from medieval times and would once have been busy streets lined with residential dwellings, shops and inns.

Nowadays, too narrow for traffic, these alleys are only used as shortcuts, and their doorways, windows and shop fronts have been replaced by featureless walls.

Featureless? Yes. Until the advertisers, fly posters and graffiti artists get going…

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Story Wall

Way up to Baycliff, Ruth's coastal walkSometimes you discover surprising art work on your walks.

To the left and below is a collection of posters I found on a tiny path leading up from a beach in Cumbria. I guess the person who lived in the house alongside the path had placed them there. Continue reading Story Wall


Neston tunnel graffiti

Animals, trains, and a Viking.
Wall art in the tunnel under the railway tracks.
Neston, on the Wirral.


Art work and a ghost ship

Sometimes you come across some surreal sights.
Who would expect to see a beached ship covered in spray-paint
on the banks of the Dee Estuary?

A FUN SHIP or the DUKE OF LANCASTER – take your pick.
It certainly looks like a party ship.

Enjoy the photos.


Carmarthen Graffiti


Political Graffiti

Found this street art under a bridge in Cheltenham and thought it was both well-executed and thought-provoking.

graffiti under bridge