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Skate Park Graffiti

Skate parks are excellent places for spotting graffiti. In Carlisle, the park must have been around for some time, because the graffiti had a distinctly ‘layered’ look. Several years of spray painting have created some intriguing images.

graffiti 3
Good advice in this one

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Art work and a ghost ship

Sometimes you come across some surreal sights.
Who would expect to see a beached ship covered in spray-paint
on the banks of the Dee Estuary?

A FUN SHIP or the DUKE OF LANCASTER – take your pick.
It certainly looks like a party ship.

Enjoy the photos.


Graffiti in Penmaenmawr

Found on a wall by a skate park.

Vivid and pulsing with life.



Graffiti in Bangor

I think you can tell a lot about a place from looking at its graffiti.

Bangor is clearly a controlled and moderated place, full of colour and light, with just a hint of anarchy.

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Carmarthen Graffiti


Political Graffiti

Found this street art under a bridge in Cheltenham and thought it was both well-executed and thought-provoking.

graffiti under bridge