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Trig Pillars

Happy Birthday!

I didn’t realise our trig pillars turned 80 years old this year. Their construction began in 1936 as part of a comprehensive remapping exercise across the UK. It was a mammoth task, which resulted in 6,500 pillars being installed, often in incredibly remote and inaccessible areas. Continue reading Trig Pillars


“Every place we had walked through now meant something to me. I was seized with an overwhelming sense of achievement and, more surprisingly, possession. Somehow all those long miles were now my property, all those places exclusively personalised.”

From Shally Hunt’s account of her walk around the coast of Britain with her husband, in her book The Sea on our Left.

Stroud Five Valleys Walk: completed!

Yesterday I complete the 21 mile Five Valleys’ Walk, organised by the charity Meningitis Now.

I had never walked such a distance before, and chose to do this particular walk because the charity provides plenty of check points, food and drink, and buses back to base if you are too tired to continue.

It’s a circular walk, and you can choose where to start. There is no compulsion to complete 21 miles. Some people joined for sections. There were children, babes in rucksacks, and plenty of dogs. Continue reading Stroud Five Valleys Walk: completed!

Training for Walking: is it necessary?

have rucksack, will travel, walking feet
Do you have to train to walk?
No. That’s the short answer. You just slip on a pair of comfy shoes, grab your rucksack, and head out the door.

For years I have simply gone out and walked, and walked the next day, and the day after. And, when I’ve finished my walking sessions, I come home and put my feet up.

Of course, we all walk every day. And so, in a sense, we are always walking and constantly in-training for walking.

So why talk about training for walking? Continue reading Training for Walking: is it necessary?